Tasty natural refreshing drink
Better than any lemonade!
Tasty natural refreshing drink
Better than any lemonade!

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a well-forgotten old in a new format.
Most likely, you tried this drink, or heard about it in childhood.
Previously, it was prepared at home from tea with sugar, and it was called «Tea mushroom". Now it's called kombucha, has different tastes and is prepared under industrial conditions by fermentation.
How is it useful?
  • No chemistry! All nutrients obtained as a result of natural
  • Natural beet sugar in minimal quantities.
  • No artificial colors or preservatives.
  • Improves digestion, normalizes appetite, boosts immunity.
  • Helps the body fight off pathogens.
  • It does not cause bloating because small bubbles of carbon
    dioxide are naturally produced.
Kombucha is an excellent source of incredibly useful probiotics for the body.

You ask - we answer!

What are probiotics?
In the process of producing a beverage during fermentation, a large
number of probiotic bacteria are formed. They have a beneficial effect on
digestion, reduce inflammation and contribute to weight loss.
What is the best way to store?
In a closed bottle, the drink is stored at room temperature for up to 180 days.
But it is better to store in the refrigerator. The cool taste with a slight sourness
perfectly refreshes and invigorates!
Where is the drink made?
The drink is produced in Russia, in the Tula region, on new equipment that
meets international quality standards. All ingredients and the production
process are carefully monitored.
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